The Smart, Video Enabled, In‑Car Assistant.
Earn daily rewards and stay protected.
UK Mainland only
Putting you in control. Theo provides instant help when you have a motor accident, making sure you're treated fairly and that your insurer is playing by the rules.
Rewards for safe driving.
  • Exclusive rewards accessed via the app from partners including
  • The safer you drive the more rewards you can expect.
Professional installation
High-definition video
Forward Collision Detection Warning System
Access to personal driving data
Driving score
Cheaper car insurance*
Accident support
Real time in car accident intelligent voice assistance
Rewards & offers
* Subject to acquiring appropriate regulatory authorisation
Journeys made simple on the Theo app.
A handy mobile app provides instant access to your portable driving scores at the touch of a button.
Accident information
All accident information is streamed directly to the app, providing you with instant access. An upload feature also enables photo uploads with a section dedicated for witness information and evidence, creating a smoother claims experience.
Control over driving data
Unlike most other devices, Theo gives you complete control over your driving data. Giving you the power to choose who has access to it.
Rewards and offers
Get 24/7 access to personalised, hidden rewards from exclusive rewards partners. And as your driving improves, more will become available. Fancy a drive-through coffee? Theo’s got you covered.
Real time journey tracking
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Forward Collision Detection Warning System
  • Using the camera in the theo, theo is able to alert you when you're getting close to colliding a the car in front
  • Protect yourself from drivers cutting in front of you, with the collision warning and dashcam footage combined.
Real time in car accident intelligent voice assistance
  • Real time support in the event of an accident with Intelligent Voice directly from theo
  • Video and crash data streamed directly to our 24/7 Accident Centre in Liverpool
  • In the event of no response. We'll do the best to call the emergency services, if Theo detects a potentially severe accident
  • Continous support with your accident process to make the process as easy as possible working with partners such as Enterprise Rent A Car
High-definition video
  • A camera that records high-definition video footage while you drive
  • Real-time streaming of video data ensuring you get the help you need in the event of an accident
The price of Theo includes professional fitting so you can sit back and relax.

Once you have completed your order, you will receive a communication to book an installation appointment on your chosen day, time slot and place.
Theo requires a professional installer to hardwire the device into your vehicle. This acts as a validation for insurance companies to provide lower premiums.
How does theo compare?
Feature Theo   Dash camera*
Records video while driving
Crash detection
GPS Location
In car voice assistance
24/7 Accident Help Centre
Rewards for good driving
4G Connectivity
SD Card included
Support with your car insurance claims
App to view all your trips and scores
Included professional fitting
Forward collision warnings
Free over the air updates
*Top Selling Dashcam in Halfords
Welcome to the future.
+ Installation £50.00
+ App subscription £4.99/month
A Theo subscription gives you 24/7 access, via the cloud using 4G, to your driving data, portable driving score, personalised rewards from pizza to free gigs, as well as 24/7 support from our accident centre if you have an accident.