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Why choose theo?

Did you know 36% of drivers have lost up to £3000 after having an accident that wasn't their fault?*
* Based on research by the RAC
Elderly driver who stop driving find their social circle reduces by over 50* and affects their mental health.*
* Based on a clinical study by Standford Chihuri and others

Theo provides all the assistance you need to get back on the road as quickly as possible

All accident information is streamed directly to the app, providing you with instant access.

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Cheaper car insurance for driving well

We are building a panel of insurers who you can trade your driving score with, if you choose, for a discounted premium. Available once we acquire appropriate regulatory authorisation, but it's coming very soon.

Real time journey tracking

Track journeys and monitor your driving progression via the app, gaining a portable driving score that improves as your driving does.

Control over your driving data

Unlike most other devices, Theo gives you complete control over your driving data. Giving you the power to choose who has access to it.

Rewards and offers

Get 24/7 access to personalised, hidden rewards from exclusive rewards partners. And as your driving improves, more will become available.

Welcome to the future

Includes free professional installation!
+ Membership £4.99 per month
Not only a device, Theo is connected to the cloud via 4G, giving you acess to an array of services not widely avaliable elsewhere.
Theo Membership
4G Connectivity
Real time accident assistance
Emergency service callouts
Rewards for good driving
Journey tracking
Download driving videos via your app May 2019
Access to cheaper car insurance June 2019
Real time Accident blackspot alerts Coming soon
Public / Private Driving Score league tables Coming soon

See the Theo roadmap to find out what else we're launching