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Your Smart In-Car Companion.

Theo is a device, installed on your windscreen, just like a dash cam.
The data Theo records helps you save money on car insurance, get rewarded for good driving, and if you have an accident, our expertise helps you get the best possible outcome.

uk-flag UK Mainland only including Northern Ireland.

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Earn rewards for driving well.

Theo captures detailed driving data which can be used to get cheaper insurance and other rewards.

Become your own driving champion. Receive exclusive prize rewards based on how well you drive from our regularly updated lineup of partners and gain access to cheaper motor insurance.

Theo is there for you.

Support for small bumps and major crashes.

If your theo device detects an accident, it instantly speaks to you, checking you’re ok. Using the power of your data and our expertise, in addition to our independence, we can provide you with quicker access to services. In the event of an extreme accident, theo can even call the emergency services to your location.

See how Theo helps

Putting you in control of your driving data.

The data is all yours and you choose when to share it.

With an in-built SIM card, Theo sends fully encrypted data to our AWS IoT platform every second. No matter how you drive, you don't need to share your driving score with anyone. If you have an accident we will contact you to help, you can even tell us to not do anything!


Theo records HD video.

Capture the moments that matter.

If you do have an accident, it’s vital you capture the moment for insurance purposes. Take a look at the sample footage from the theo device showing it’s recording quality during day and night.

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Download the theo app

Access all of your driving data in one place.

See a breakdown of your journeys, insights into your personal driving score, claim rewards and manage any accidents with ease in the theo app.

Discover the theo app

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“36% of drivers lose out financially due to "non-fault" accidents, some up to £3000, theo helps you not lose out” *

*Statement provided by RAC — ‘Innocent drivers left £3k out of pocket after non-fault collisions’

What are the benefits of a theo membership?

Access to Cheaper Car Insurance Get discounted car insurance using your theo score
Monthly Rewards for Good Driving Worth up to £106 per year
Reduction in Fuel Costs
4G Connectivity
Real time accident assistance
Emergency service callouts
Journey tracking
Personalised Driving Score
Download driving videos via your app
Driving Score league tables Coming soon

Save up to £129 a year with a theo membership*

*The total benefit is made up of rewards, insurance and benefits from accident services.

See the theo roadmap to find out what else we’re launching.


The theo device

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Pay in 3 installments  of £49.99 with klarna-logo

Or pay a total of £149.99 , in full, at checkout.