7 Most Common New Years Resolutions


Happy New Year!

The Christmas period has just passed leaving us all with that festive feeling of being a bit stuffed (forgive the pun) after all the little indulgences we gave ourselves as the season demands.

2020 marked the start of a new decade, however, old traditions die hard including those of making a set of rules to follow for the new year. To mark the start of the new year we have put together a list of resolutions you're most likely to hear about over the next few days or weeks. 

1. Exercise More

Regular gym patrons beware it may not feel like it outside but winter has come. If you have a running gym membership you will be familiar with the post-new year gym rush, when peak time becomes all the time. However, no matter what the reason for joining is wether to rid your self of the Christmas turkey weight or just to get fitter this is a classic resolution every year. 

  1. Get Organised

    If you’re anything like me it doesn’t take too long for your wardrobe to empty and rapidly be replaced with the chair-drobe and floor-drobe. So if you’re on Netflix or a fan of keeping tidy then you will have heard of Marie Kondo’s series on keeping tidy. You can work on decluttering your home or workspace to give you the best state of mind to start the new year. 

  1. Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Whether it's to kill time, introduce yourself to new people, broaden your horizons or just for the heck of it learning a new skill or hobby is always a rewarding way to spend your time. In addition to possibly giving you a new party to use in the next years new year celebrations.  

  1. Live Life To The Fullest

    This is a hard resolution to write about as everyone has different goals to follow, it can range from not letting an opportunity slip by, to speaking to a stranger a day, to just taking a moment to appreciate the world for what it is. It can be the hardest or most simple resolution to follow. 

  1. Save More/ Spend Less

Nothing makes more sense than after a season of giving until it hurts making a pledge to save more, whether this is in the form of putting money into a saving account or just hiding banknotes in your mattress saving more is a classic resolution you will hear many people make. One of my personal favourite examples of avoiding frivolous spending is inserting a stern-faced photograph into your wallet or purse to confront you before a purchase.

  1. Travel More

    Any seasoned employee will know the struggles of balancing work life and being social, this really comes to a head when travel enters the picture. Finding a balance between travelling, time off and combating jet lag. However, travelling more doesn’t just mean escaping Englands cloudy skies for a beach or snow-topped mountains. It can also include exploring what Britain has to offer. Either on a road trip or exploring an area that’s new to you, eating somewhere you’ve never been before.

    7. Read More

    If you’re looking for ways to fill out your morning commute nothing kills time better than being transported to another world like a good book, the only worry is if you’re anything like me and miss your stop. With books going for as little as a couple of pence on Amazon used or if you’re a prime customer free audio or kindle editions on some prints. Or if reading is not your favourite with audible books you can pop your headphones on and relax. 


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