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There for you when you need it most

From getting you back on the road as quickly as possible, to saving your life, theo gives peace of mind for you and your loved ones. With your best interest at heart, theo works to get you the best possible outcome, putting you fully in control.

Immediate Assistance

If your theo device detects an accident, it instantly speaks to you, checking you’re ok.

Behind the scenes, our 24/7 independent expert accident team is alerted to your situation and location, ready to help you get the best possible outcome, but only if you want our help. We can even call the emergency services if you need immediate attention.

No need to send over the SD card, data is sent over 4G, and more importantly, we are not an insurer so have your best interest at heart.

Accident Emergency Support

Imagine having an accident down a country road at night with nobody there.

In the event of an extreme accident, our independent expert accident team will call the emergency services to your location if we can’t get in contact with you, giving you comfort that someone is always there.

Accident emergency support operates no matter who is driving the vehicle, so you don’t have to feel so worried when your children or elderly parents are at the wheel.

Collision Support for Small Bumps and Crashes

Managed by our independent expert accident team who are there to help you get the best possible outcome.

If the device detects a situation that looks like an accident, that data along with the video footage is sent to our state-of-the-art accident alert portal.

Using the power of your data and our expertise, in addition to our independence, we can provide you with quicker access to car hire provision, repair and legal services in many situations.

Certain third parties help us to give you the best service. We may receive remuneration from our accident assistance and claims partners if we connect you via Theo’s accident portal.

If applicable, Enterprise provides assess to hire car provision in the event of an accident.

Carpenters function as Theo's independent expert accident team, giving you the best possible service in the event of an accident.

Stay in Control

You always have full control during the accident process, so we won’t do anything without your say.

Theo has partnered with some of the most trustworthy partners in the industry to ensure that theo customers get the best possible experience. Your stored data is fully encrypted and only shared with or made accessible to the right person at the right time

App – Control Centre

All accident data is streamed directly to the app, providing you with instant access.

Once an accident occurred, instant analysis is carried out, and the information is accessible via your app. The app helps make things easier for you, with a quick “accident helpline” button, putting you straight through to our 24/7 independent expert accident team.

Click on an accident in your app,  and you’ve got the ability to add witness details, photos and videos. This information is vitally important for the insurers, and will make the claims process a lot smoother.

Theo membership

Save up to £129 a year with a Theo membership*

Theo membership gives you access to theo’s benefits and perks. For a small monthly fee, theo provides you with a number of great benefits, keeping you safe and saving you money.

Access to cheaper car insurance

Monthly rewards and offers

4G connectivity (T-Mobile)

Reduction in fuel costs

Real time accident assistance

Emergency service callouts

Journey tracking

Personalised driving score

Download driving videos

*The total benefit is made up of rewards, insurance and benefits from accident services.

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