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What are cookies?

A cookie is data stored on your device by the websites you visit. Cookies are used to improve the workings of websites and enable information to be provided to the user based on their behaviour online.

There are different types of cookies, some essential for the operation of our site, which can be categorised into the following categorized:

  • Strictly necessary- Necessary for the full functional use of our website
  • Performance- Used to improve our website
  • Functionality- Helps us to give you more tailoured features, given your behaviour on previous visits to our website
  • Targeting- Assists us in making

Please be aware that we do not have control over the cookie policies of external websites linked within our website.

Cookie used on our website

Cloudflare – A website performance and security service that helps keeps the theo website live and fast 24/7 

Shopify – The shopping platform used to take theo orders and payments

Google Analytics – Used to monitor website usage and understand how customers use our website. This is separate from other Google services, and is not merged with your Google account.

Intercom - This is our live chat provider, that allows you to talk to us real time via the website.

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Cookie rights

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