Theo lets you take control of your driving data

When you drive with Theo, you are in control of how your data is used. Your data is fully encrypted through our state-of-the-art telematics platform, built on Amazon Web Services IoT, giving you a real sense of safety and control.

Data collection

Theo collects information on how you drive in real time, to benefit you

1000 pieces of data are collated every second, which is sent to our platform via your device’s in-built 4G. We make this information easily accessible by presenting your data in the theo app.


You can rest assured that your data is secured

Your driving data benefits from our platform’s 256-bit encryption ensuring your data has the best protection available. With our platform built on AWS IoT, you can rest assured that your data is secured with the most comprehensive security features.

Data quality

Peace of mind that your driving data is of outstanding quality

GPS data is tracked from multiple different satellites, with 3 axis G-force sensors from the device’s accelerometer and gyroscope providing you with pinpoint accurate telematics data. When combined with our world class crash algorithm you can have peace of mind that your driving data is of outstanding quality.

Data control

Theo is there for you

Whether it’s for exclusive rewards, cheaper insurance or simply for personal use, your data is exclusively controlled by you and you choose how you want to benefit from your data.

Theo membership

Save up to £129 a year with a Theo membership*

Theo membership gives you access to theo’s benefits and perks. For a small monthly fee, theo provides you with a number of great benefits, keeping you safe and saving you money.

Access to cheaper car insurance

Monthly rewards and offers

4G connectivity (T-Mobile)

Reduction in fuel costs

Real time accident assistance

Emergency service callouts

Journey tracking

Personalised driving score

Download driving videos

*The total benefit is made up of rewards, insurance and benefits from accident services.

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