Get to know your Theo

The Theo App

The Theo app is your control centre for everything Theo. Giving you the ability to view completed journeys, gain access to your portable driving score, receive rewards, cheaper insurance, download videos, manage any potential collisions and take total control over your data. Journeys will begin to show within 24 hours after installation.


Breaking down your latest driving data.

The dashboard displays your most recent driving score and how many miles left until the next score becomes available. (Please note: Your first driving score will appear 100 miles after instillation).

View and review your 5 of your latest journeys.

See interesting facts about your driving such as your overall average driving score, average journey length, number of journeys without incident and total distance travelled.


Diving a little deeper into your journeys and scores.


Each score is calculated using journeys grouped into blocks of at least 100 miles of driving data. E.G. If you have driven 91 miles over 3 journeys and your next journey is 30 miles, that journey would be used to complete the block providing a score based on the 121 miles driven.

Blocks are scored out of 100, composed of 7 different components – Advanced Driver Assistant Systems or (ADAS) reaction, driving duration, erratic driving, lane departure, speeding, tailgating and time of day Understand more about each scoring component within the app;


View where you have driven for each journey and see how fast you drove in comparison to the speed limit. Driving incidents, such as speeding, are pinpointed for each journey helping you to improve your driving.

Video Downloads

Download up to 5, 1-minute videos to your app each month. To download videos, click the video icon located at the top righthand of the screen when reviewing a journey.


Get rewarded for your good driving.

Receive rewards for driving well through the Theo app. Stand out from the crowd, use your personal driving score to get cheaper insurance.

Accident Log

Access information about potential collisions detected by the device.

  • Confirm potential impacts as accidents
  • Access contact details for the 24/7 Theo accident centre.
  • View all details of any confirmed accidents.
  • By choosing Theo you can stay up to date with the progression of your claim.

The Theo device

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines- At ignition Theo will say “Hello, please fasten your seatbelt, video is now enabled.” And after a short delay will say “GPS is now activated”.

How to remove your SD card

5*1-minute videos can be downloaded for free per month. The micro SD card can be found to the lower side of the power cable on the device. If you wish to remove your SD card simply push down on the card and it will eject for removal. Please be careful to ensure the device doesn’t move when removing the SD card to avoid affecting calibration.

Fitting of the device

Theo requires a professional instillation, but don’t worry you have already paid for that! Simply hand over the device the engineer when they arrive for your installation appointment. It is important that you don’t attempt to install the device yourself.

Reviewing your journeys

Within 24 hours of installation your device will be linked to your app and your future journeys will start appearing.

GPS synchronisation time

Theo uses 8 different satellites to give you the best possible consistent connection, but please allow for connection times that may vary depending on weather conditions and location.

Black spot in GPS

As with mobile phones and Satnavs there are areas of the country with lower signal strengths e.g. tunnels etc. If traveling through such black spots, these journeys may not be represented accurately in your travel history.

Device Sounds

When the vehicle ignition is switched on theo will speak to you to advise that "video recording has now started". Theo will then notify you again when the device has successfully connected to GPS.

Theo's inbuilt forward collision warning will also notify you with a tone if it believes a frontal crash is impending.