Your driving data, safe
within the Theo app.

Connect your Theo device to our app to take full control of your driving data
All of your driving data is securley stored within the app, giving you access to your driving score, rewards and more.

Key Features

Real time data collection, Journey tracking and total control over your data.

Track journeys and monitor your driving progression via the app, gaining a portable driving score that improves as your driving does. Unlike most other devices, theo gives you complete control over your driving data. Giving you the power to choose who has access to it.

After an accident, theo provides all the assistance you need to get you back on the road.

All accident information is streamed directly to the app, providing you with instant access. An upload feature also enables photo uploads with a section dedicated for witness information and evidence, creating a smoother claims experience.

Receive rewards and offers.

Get 24/7 access to personalised, hidden rewards from exclusive rewards partners. And as your driving improves, more will become available. Fancy a drive-through coffee? theo’s got you covered.

Control over your data.

We at Theo believe that your data should be yours. As such all the information provided to you through our app is under your control. Why should your data do anything other than work for you? At Theo we are dedicated to putting you in control of your driving data.

Download HD video clips.

With Theo you can download 5x1 minute HD videos of your trips as part of your Theo membership, letting you relive any moment on the road. Did you crack an amazing one liner, see a stunning sun set or just wanted to show off a bit of driving expertise?

Your Video Enabled,
Smart In-Car Companion.


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