The Theo Story

Launched in February 2020, theo was born from people
who are passionate about road safety, through empowering
customers with their driving data.


Mike Brockman, the CEO of theo’s parent company ThingCo, has over 4 decades of experience in the motor insurance industry, having previously founded Insure The Box, the worlds first telematics only car insurer that has now sold over 1 million policies. Mike and his founding team saw that dash cams in their current form didn’t give customers the protection they thought it provided and that traditional ‘black box’ motor insurance put insurers in control of the data rather than the consumer.

After an accident when using a traditional dash cam, customers are required to send dash cam footage to their insurer. However, insurers rarely have the infrastructure to process dash cam footage quickly and use it effectively to the advantage of the customer. This just creates frustration. Theo is different. We empower customers with their data, rewarding them for driving well and giving them access to cheaper motor insurance, but only if they choose.

We bring customers the freedom of choice, allowing them to control how their data is shared and where. We know your car is irreplaceable and many feel lost without it, whether a result of losing confidence on the road or due to an accident. As a company independent from insurers, we are on your side.

Mike Brockman, CEO of ThingCo

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